Beacon SDK

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Connect Wallets with dApps on Tezos

Beacon is the implementation of the wallet interaction standard tzip-10 which describes the connnection of a dApp with a wallet.


The beacon-sdk simplifies and abstracts the communication between dApps and wallets over different transport layers.

Developers that plan to develop complex smart contract interactions can use Taquito with the BeaconWallet, which uses this SDK under the hood, but provides helpful methods to interact with contracts.

Besides this Typescript SDK, we also provide SDKs for native iOS and Android Wallets:


The documentation can be found here, technical documentation can be found here.


npm i --save @airgap/beacon-sdk

Example DApp integration

import { DAppClient } from '@airgap/beacon-sdk'

const dAppClient = new DAppClient({ name: 'My Sample DApp' })

// Listen for all the active account changes
dAppClient.subscribeToEvent(BeaconEvent.ACTIVE_ACCOUNT_SET, async (account) => {
// An active account has been set, update the dApp UI
console.log(`${BeaconEvent.ACTIVE_ACCOUNT_SET} triggered: `, account)

try {
console.log('Requesting permissions...')
const permissions = await dAppClient.requestPermissions()
console.log('Got permissions:', permissions.address)
} catch (error) {
console.error('Got error:', error)

For a more complete example, take a look at the example-dapp.html file.

Example Wallet integration

const client = new WalletClient({ name: 'My Wallet' })
await client.init() // Establish P2P connection

.connect(async (message) => {
// Example: Handle PermissionRequest. A wallet should handle all request types
if (message.type === BeaconMessageType.PermissionRequest) {
// Show a UI to the user where he can confirm sharing an account with the DApp

const response: PermissionResponseInput = {
type: BeaconMessageType.PermissionResponse,
network:, // Use the same network that the user requested
scopes: [PermissionScope.OPERATION_REQUEST], // Ignore the scopes that have been requested and instead give only operation permissions
publicKey: 'tezos public key'

// Send response back to DApp
await client.respond(response)
.catch((error) => console.error('connect error', error))

For a more complete example, take a look at the example-wallet.html file.

Adding a wallet to beacon-sdk

Please create a PR and add your wallet here.

For iOS wallets, the wallet needs to define a custom url scheme to support the same-device functionality.


$ npm i
$ npm run build
$ npm run test

Once the SDK is built, you can open the dapp.html or wallet.html file in your browser and try out the basic functionality. To support browser extensions as well, the file should be viewed over a webserver. You can navigate to the example folder and easily start one with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 and then open the examples with http://localhost:8000/.

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